For a simplified and playful routine WHAT do we do?

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For a simplified and playful routine WHAT do we do?

The clock of routines, we take stock.

For a simplified and playful routine WHAT do we do?

Hey parents, so when do we stop repeating the same sentences a thousand times a day to our children???

 Put away your socks!

 Wouldn't it be time to wash you there???!

 Prepare your briefcase!


Long live the moments of quality with them and STOP the verbal instructions of each moment which darken the daily life. Our SOLUTION, de-le-gate all these repetitions that encumber us and let this job be done by a tool that they can use ALONE!


Every morning and every evening, when it's often the rush, we very often waste our calm and our time repeating ourselves with our minis to try to get them to do simple actions that come up every day in the same order and, often , at the same time.

That's why we imagined for you (after having tested it with my mini girls!) the routine clock with your favorite heroes. This tool will allow you to transform the routine into a more serene and calm moment for the whole family.

THE MORE THING! You will be able to adapt the routine to your own pace, thanks to the stickettes representing the different stages of your day, by positioning them on the dial and in the order that suits you best.

Reusable you can make all the changes you want, depending on whether or not there is school, or depending on the mode of care of the week.

And because this tool comes with ONE BATTERY, it works on its own and you won't need to deal with it.

Isn't LIFE beautiful?

Your child will only have to approach his clock, look at the illustrations pointed by the needle, and he will immediately know the activities he will be able to prepare for. By letting him use his clock, he will know for himself what task he will have to accomplish and he will be proud to get there without your help.

A practical and fun way to turn routine into a game and stimulate the autonomy of your minis!

And in addition it is made in FRANCE? ... cocorico!

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