Autonomy Kits

Offer your family a fun learning experience with our routine clocks.

Designed to help children orient themselves in time and develop their autonomy, these clocks are practical and educational tools adapted for children as young as 3 years old to promote their personal development.

The stickers in the form of pictograms represent daily rituals and tasks, making it easy for children to visualize their routines.
These tools, which run on batteries, indicate the time and hours of what's happening, allowing children to use them without their parents' help, thereby promoting their confidence and independence. With these clocks, family life is more peaceful and children are more serene and happy. They become the actors of their own lives.
Order your set of routine clocks now and give your child the gift of autonomy, independence and learning time.

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Gaston pack clocks for routines

Little Pack Gaston

This box contains a daily clock (33cm in diameter), a mini weekly clock (25cm in diameter), and two sheets of stickers (A4 format) with Gaston the...
Wolf kit

Little Pack Wolf

In this box, you will find a day clock (33cm diameter), a mini week clock (25cm diameter) and the two sheets of stickers of the day (A4 format)...