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Little Pack Ernest and Celestine

48 to 72h

In this pack, there is one day clock (33cm diameter), you can choose the model you prefer (sweet words, accomplices or the classic), one mini week clock (25cm diameter) and the two sticker sheets of the day (A4 format) with Ernest and Celestine.

You can add in the pack the week stickers (not included in the package) for more everyday situations.

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With this set, children will have fun following their routines with Ernest and Celestine

Thanks to these clocks, your child will be able to better understand the organisation of his days and weeks. The day stickers will illustrate on the 24-hour clock the times of the daily activities that punctuate your child's day (brushing teeth, getting ready for school, bedtime, getting up, etc). These stickers are used like magnets and you can move them as you wish on the clock face.

The little week clock will be a reference to know the day of the week and identify the school days (thanks to the pictograms of the school bags, Célestine with her friends, etc).

Both clocks are silent, no ticking and work with one AA battery (not included in your package).

Stephan 05/06/2023

deux horloges achetées

Tés bons produits éducatifs, mes petits enfants sont ravis ( 5 et 6 ans)

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