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A perpetual calendar is a calendar that will allow your child to manipulate the days, the months and even the seasons. This support is provided in pdf format, it includes 6 pages. You will find a tree in color and another to color.
You can also download a free version of the perpetual calendar HERE

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A perpetual calendar is a calendar that allows you to manipulate the days, months and even seasons.

What is a perpetual calendar?

In addition to reassure them, this support allows them to acquire certain concepts:

The numbers
The months
The days of the week
The seasons
The passing of time
The notions of yesterday - today - tomorrow

Making the calendar every day helps children to become autonomous and responsible.

When does a child start to find his or her bearings in time?

The concept of time is gradually acquired by children. They begin to acquire the basics at the age of 2 or 3. They become increasingly able to distinguish between yesterday and tomorrow, but it can still be difficult.

From the age of 4, the notions of morning, noon and evening start to make sense. You can discover on the site the clocks of the routine (heading My Little Day) which were thought to help them there.

After that, they start to identify the days of the week at around 6 years old. In the My Little Week section, you can find all our tools.

The notion of hours is acquired around 7 years old. It is also at this time that they assimilate expressions such as: the day after tomorrow, 1 week ago or the day before.

You can also download a free version of the perpetual calendar HERE


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