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Cloud original day

Original day


L'Originale is the first routine clock imagined by MyLittleConcept.

Widely used in Montessori learning methods, this clock teaches the child to distinguish the periods of the day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night) thanks to a system of colours and stickers that can be used as magnets.

The clock without the printed clouds is sold with its transparent stickers (two sheets of stickers) - Size 33cm diameter.

The clock with the printed clouds is sold without the stickers - Size 30cm diameter.

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Wall clock made in France

Dial size 33cm or 30cm

Material: plexiglass

Single hour hand

Illustrations in the form of clear stickers to be placed on the dial.

Battery not included.



Tips for CLEAR stickers

Tips for the use of transparent stickers

Download (222.87KB)

Notice for the routine clock

How to use the 24h daily clock?

Download (39.29KB)
Margot 09/05/2023


Merci d'avoir crée toutes ces horloges, elles sont superbes. J'ai choisi cette horloge avec les nuages pour ma grande tante, elle est ravie et ça la rassure beaucoup.

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