Original day

48 to 72h

This child clock created in 2017 by MyLittleConcept works on the same principle as a classic clock except that it allows you to observe the 24 hours of a day at once. It presents through its dial the two phases of a 24-hour day, Day and Night. 

Two sheets of transparent stickettes (A4 size) are included with the cloudless clock. Dial size = 33cm
For the clock with the clouds, the size of the dial is 30 cm, without the stickette leaves. Dial size = 30cm

Apparence du cadran: Les nuages sous forme de stickettes
The product is in stock.

Wall clock made in France

Dial size 33cm or 30cm

Material: plexiglass

Single hour hand

Illustrations in the form of clear stickers to be placed on the dial.

Battery not included.


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