Wolfette Clock

Delivery within 2-3 days of processing your order (excluding school holiday periods)

The ideal clock to explain the course of the day to your child. Practical, easy to use and moreover it is made in France.
The clock is sold with its sticker sheets, to personalise the clock face.

2023/Loup - Auzou - O. Lallemand - E. Thuillier


24h wall clock with Wolfette

Clock made in France
One size 33cm
Material: plexiglass
Wolf hour hand
Illustrations in the form of stickers to be placed on the dial.
Sticker sheets supplied in 2 copies.

Silent clock movement
Battery not included.



Tips for CLEAR stickers

Tips for the use of transparent stickers

Download (222.87KB)

Notice for the routine clock

How to use the 24h daily clock?

Download (39.29KB)
Ludivine 06/01/2023

Jolie horloge

J'ai commandé ce modèle pour ma nièce et il a beaucoup plu. Utilisation intuitive et complémentaire d'un tableau des routines acheté précédemment.

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