My clock for learning

Sunshine 12h


Educational wall clock, multicoloured, 30 cm 

This colourful clock sets the tone and is a great tool for learning to tell the time. It is very clear and will help your child to learn how to read the time. It will help your child to easily read the 24 hours of the day, understand the minutes from 0 to 60 minutes and their 5 minute intervals, identify the quarter hours and distinguish between the hours before and after midday. It's all there.


Our SUNSHINE 12 hour clock has been lovingly made in France.
It measures 30 cm in diameter and is ideal for telling the time. It will be a great tool in a school classroom or at home.
It is equipped with a silent analogue motor, so you can also install it in your child's room.

The battery is not included in your package (standard AA battery).

For more information about the time reading, please read the article in our blog.


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