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Little Pack Wolf

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In this box, you will find a day clock (33cm diameter), a mini week clock (25cm diameter) and the two sheets of stickers of the day (A4 format) with the Wolf, a character from Auzou.

If you wish, you can complete the pack with the week stickers (not included in the package).

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An all-in-one box, to equip themselves with their favorite hero, the adorable Wolf.

This pack of clocks with their favorite hero, will allow your child to better understand the organization of his days and weeks. The stickers of the day with Wolf will allow you to illustrate on the 24 hour clock, the times of your child's daily rituals and tasks (brushing teeth, getting ready for school, bedtime, getting up, etc). These stickers are used like magnets and can be moved around as you wish.

The week clock will allow you to know the day of the week and to identify the school days (thanks to the pictograms of the school bags, of the wolf with his school bag, etc).

The clocks are equipped with a silent motor that works with an AA battery (not included in your package).


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