Little Pack with Muis

Little Pack Muis

48 to 72h

This box contains a daily clock for routines (33cm in diameter), a mini weekly clock (25cm in diameter), and two sheets of stickers (A4 format) with Muis.

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An all-in-one package, to equip yourself with your child's favorite hero, Muis.

With these tools, you can help your child better understand their day and week. The stickers can be placed on the clock faces. They allow you to identify the hours of your child's daily rituals and tasks. Electrostatic, you can move them as you like, they are used like magnets. The weekly clock will allow you to know the day of the week and identify school days (thanks to the pictograms of the school bags).

The clocks are silent and equipped with a motor that runs on an AA battery (not included in your package).


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