Daily routine wall clock

Little Unicorn 24h

48 to 72h

My routine with Gaston, the adorable unicorn imagined by Aurélie Chien Chow China.
The routine clock is a tool supplied with its two stickette boards, to easily mark all the activities of a child's day.
It will be used to help children navigate their big day.
Available alone or in the pack (1 Day clock + 1 Week clock + Boards of Stickettes)

© Hachette Enfants / HL

Formules proposées: 24h Clock + Stickettes Clear
The product is in stock.

24-hour routine clock

Silent motor

Supplied with its two boards of transparent stickettes.

One size 33cm in diameter



Tips for CLEAR stickers

Tips for the use of transparent stickers

Download (222.87KB)

Notice for the routine clock

How to use the 24h daily clock?

Download (39.29KB)

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