Montessori Clocks

Because time is a difficult concept.


Our clocks are designed so that children can use them on their own, to learn how to find their way through time and become the active actors of their routine..
Our week and 24h clocks allow to distinguish the days and the phases of a day thanks to a system of colors, and to visualize the activities of the daily life thanks to the stickers. Your child will be able to place these stickers on the clock face and move them around if he wishes. Thanks to them, he will be able to identify and anticipate the rituals of his routine, simply by looking at his clock. He will be more serene and will gain in autonomy. You can read the article on our blog for more details.

On the store, you will find all the clocks designed for your child, to help him to understand easily the organization of his days and weeks and to facilitate the learning of the reading of hours.

Here is a small selection of clocks that you can find on the store.

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Le Loup qui voulait changer de couleurs, l'horloge de la semaine

COLORS Week Wolf

Week clock with Wolf. The clock is organized to identify the 7 days of the week. Thanks to the illustrations organize your week easily. 2 sheets...
My clock for learning
  • RUPTURE de stock

Sunshine 12h

Educational wall clock, multicoloured, 30 cm  This colourful clock sets the tone and is a great tool for learning to tell the time. It is very...