Brushing your teeth, a story of motivations

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Brushing your teeth, a story of motivations

To brush your teeth well, the easiest way is to want to. So we put everything on MOTIVATION

Oral hygiene can be learned from an early age and even before the arrival of the first teeth.

How to brush your teeth well, what do you use and when?

Brushing teeth and gums should be done at least twice a day, morning and evening, AFTER meals. No question of nibbling one or two small pieces of cheese after this task. Its regulatory duration is 3 minutes!

Toothpaste is important. Be sure to test the taste of the toothpaste yourself to check that it is not too "strong" or simply tastes bad. Use brands recognized by professionals and adapted to your child's age, we will no longer mention the proven Elmex brand. Remember, if the toothpaste is of poor quality it may not contain the right amount of fluoride, or worse it may be high in preservatives and other harmful substances for your child. So be vigilant.

For the toothbrush , use brushes with soft bristles, adapted to your child's age and remember to change the toothbrush regularly to guarantee its effectiveness. Okay, we don't wait for the brush to look like a disheveled scarecrow to replace it.

Good toothpaste + good brushing + good toothbrush = good protection against cavities.

Motivate your troops, because by getting involved, you do better.

To help your child take care of his mouth and teeth, we will put in place tips to motivate him in this task.

We can offer him to use a table to complete. The table is quite simple, it shows the days of the week and the two key times of the day, Morning and EVENING. For the boxes you can include small teeth, which the child can color or tick, as soon as he has brushed his teeth. Printed on an erasable support, this table will be reusable.

I'm not too much for "systematic" rewards, but if you work like that, you can also add stars to obtain. For example, each time he brushes his teeth, he earns a star and after 10 stars he receives a little game, for example.

The important thing is that he understands that it is important to take good care of SELF. And brushing your teeth is one of those things you do to take care of yourself.

♡♡♡ Good print and good tooth brushing!  ♡♡♡

Download the tooth routine chart for free HERE (pdf file)

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